Nonviolent Communication in Education

Let’s grow together


What is happening around Nonviolent Communication in education?


The vision of this map is to give an overview of all initiatives around Nonviolent Communication in education and help people connect and support each other.

Who can become a part of this map?

Individual people willing to get involved.
Small initiatives just getting started and looking for support.
Kindergartens or schools already using Nonviolent Communication in their work.  Or any other initiative or project linked to Nonviolent Communication in education!

Feel free to reach out to any of them for questions, support or ideas on how to get involved.

Something missing? The map is a work in progress.
If you want to be seen on the map please click the button above to submit your information. Also, if you know of an initiative that are not on here but should be, please let them know about this website. We are updating the map at least once a month.


Our Story

We are an open network of NVC trainers and practitioners who share the same vision of a world in which every child, teacher and person involved in the education system is nourished and able to flourish, grow and fully express themselves . This is why we created this website to offer support to all those out there sharing our vision.


Get to the next level …

… with high-quality learning materials from Visfera. These make it really easy to get started with practicing and sharing NVC and are designed to create a universal and simple language of connection to support every human in growing and contributing.


Explore mutual learning…

... at one of our events like the Life-Enriching Education Lab.