Life-Enriching Education Lab

April 22 - 28, 2019

Near Berlin


Do you want to apply Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in education and are you longing for more skills and want to learn from others?


Maybe you are already applying NVC in education and you want to share your experiences and get fresh inspiration?


interested in exploring and applying Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in education, including, adult students, kindergarten teachers, school and university teachers, child care staff, administrators, counsellors, educators in youth programs, parents, NVC trainers, Certification Candidates, and all NVC practitioners.

“I don't think I ever been so open and felt totally okay with it. No awkwardness. No regrets.”


...and is an  inclusive space for exchange and learning on mutual education with experienced trainers, who are there to create the frame, hold space, offer guidance and feedback, motivation and input.

Whoever you are, wherever you are and whatever your level of Nonviolent Communication,  if you are interested in this experience of communal learning YOU are welcome to join us.  


The Life Enriching Education Laboratory (LEE LAB)  is uniquely designed to offer both a structured and open learning environment. The LEE LAB is an opportunity to share, explore and learn together so that in these 6 days you will have  the experience of co-creating a life-enriching learning community and truly living the values of NVC in an educational setting.

We aim to co-create a safe and supportive learning environment with you, where everybody is seen as a teacher and learner and where everyone that wants to, would come out with clarity and action plans for their life-enriching education project.

“In EVERY session there was space to exchange and I could experience the meaning of power with energy instead of power over.

I discovered that co-creation is 'the form' in which 'power with' can flourish.”

Concretely and very practically we will work on how to:

  • Co-create a safe and supportive learning and working environment including pupils, teachers, parents and administration staff.

  • Role model partnership, inclusion and cooperation  – cultivate emotional intelligence, respect, and compassion.

  • Resolve conflicts and prevent or de-escalate violence.

  • Support pupils to know their potential find intrinsic motivation to learn.

  • Build communication skills which support standing up for own needs while also taking in the perspective of others and the community as a whole.

  • Create the classroom you always dreamed of.

Our LEE LAB will focus on the key features of life-enriching learning communities described in Marshall Rosenberg’s book Life- Enriching Education.

Benefits to you

  • INSPIRATION: “(THE LEE LAB) gave me a lot of inspiration on how to organise trainings with co-creation, inclusion, participation. It raised my awareness on power-with vs. power-over paradigm.”

  • LEARNING: “The LEE LAB contributes to my further ability to embody and implement NVC for myself and at school.

  • SAFETY TO BE YOURSELF: “I have never felt so safe before.”

  • INTEGRATION OF NVC: “I learned and experienced a new way of sharing knowledge, with curiosity and fun.”

Example of what a day might look like:

“Freedom of choice, to skip sessions and to create extra ones.”

  • Breakfast

  • Community meeting: What brings us together?

  • Group decision making and planning

  • Parallel offers from the trainers: deepening skills and awareness

  • Lunch

  • Parallel offers by everyone

    • Sharing best practices

    • learning from different work and projects

    • open space

  • Community meeting: Reflection/ Harvesting the Learning

  • Dinner

  • More sharing if wanted or leisure activities

The event will be held in English.

The first session on the 22nd will be at 5pm in the evening. There will be an informal opportunity to check in with org-team and trainers between 3:30pm and 4:30pm before that. We will end on the 28th at 12:30pm.

If you want to Read a little bit more about Lee LAb Check out our Report from 2018.

Who will be there

Trainers Team


Starting from top left:

  • Shona Cameron, UK

  • Gabriele Grunt, Austria

  • Marianne Göthlin, Sweden

  • Corrylaura Van Bladel, Belgium

  • Towe Widstrand, Sweden

  • Giacomo Poleschi, Italy

“I want to be on the team too!!! I really appreciate each one of you. You have different energies, ways of sharing NVC and yet at the same time you can see how much you enjoy each other and that reflects the whole week. “

Organisation Team

From left:  Marie Siegling, Nayoma de Haen, Georg Tarne & Mara Harmsen

From left:

Marie Siegling, Nayoma de Haen, Georg Tarne & Mara Harmsen

We are a group of NVC trainers and enthusiasts committed to spread NVC in education. This is why we experiment with different methods and approaches to find innovative and new solutions. We also aim to build community around the topic which is why we started the website www.nvcineducation.org where we try to bring all our efforts together. Hosting the LEE LAB in Germany is a great opportunity for us to learn more what people really need to apply and spread NVC in education and get to know as many like minded people as possible.

Where will it be


Our event will take place at the gorgeous Paulinen Hof which is just outside of Bad Belzig, an one hour train ride away from Berlin Central Station. It is an old farm estate transformed into a beautiful seminar hotel surrounded by nature.

What will it cost


Tuition includes six days full of training sessions, workshops, exchange and magical experiences. It pays for six trainers traveling from different countries, sharing their knowledge and experiences for six days, four organizers creating the frame so you can relax, learn and enjoy yourself, training rooms and materials. It also supports DACH so their great work can continue.  

For everyone

  • Early Bird (until 31st of January): 800,00 €

  • Regular: 900,00 €

Supporter: If you want to support our work with a little extra money you can choose this category. This helps us offer reduced spots to others and do the work as a team of many.

  • Early Bird (until 31st of January): 900,00 €

  • Regular: 1000,00 €

Group or Family: If more than one person attends from your family or your organisation you can all choose this category. Please note that this event is tailored for adults. If you want to bring your children please contact us prior to registration.

  • Early Bird (until 31st of January): 700,00 €

  • Regular: 800,00 €

Reduction: We are committed to make the Lee lab available even for people with limited resources and are therefore willing to offer some spots to a individually reduced price. Please note, we cannot offer reduction on accomodation or contribute to  transportation. We aim to be fair and mindful with the distribution of these spots, so we have come up with an application process. You can read more about this process and apply until the 15th of February 2019 here.


Prices of accommodation include 6 nights in a comfy bed, 3 delicious meals per day, hot and cold alcohol free drinks, snacks for the breaks and an awesome time.

Depending on availability you can choose between the following categories:

Room category Total price per person
(including taxes)

single room 858,50 €

double room (shared with one other person, twin or double bed) 669,50 €

double room (used as a single room) 996,50 €

family room (shared with up to 4 people) 702,50 €

shared apartment (shared with up to 5 people) 597,50 €

How can I register

Registration is open NOW! So go and get your spot!